BMW Service Packages & Maintenance Offers.

A TOTAL FOCUS ON EXCELLENCE.BMW Service Packages & Maintenance Offers.

Enjoy worry-free mobility with the first-class BMW offers for the servicing and maintenance of your vehicle and always at fair and transparent prices. Your benefits are plain to see: supreme quality standards and the comprehensive expertise of our BMW service specialists, who employ innovative workshop technologies and Original BMW Parts to ensure that your BMW remains in peak condition. Simply select the service package that suits you best and look forward to long-lasting driving pleasure with your BMW.

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Whether your BMW needs a special check, a service or a legally prescribed vehicle inspection – our experienced BMW service specialists know your vehicle best and always offer you a proficient service. With innovative diagnostic and programming technologies, BMW Service ensures that your BMW always remains in peak condition – for maximum driving pleasure.

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The BMW vehicle check provides the only way of guaranteeing that your BMW really is in top condition. BMW vehicle checks are available for a wide variety of comprehensive checks, ensuring that every aspect of your car is prepared for any occasion, for instance:

• BMW seasonal check
• BMW light check
• BMW AC check
• BMW safety check

Our BMW Service specialists will be happy to advise you on the BMW vehicle check most suitable for your vehicle.
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BMW Wheels and Tyre Service.

The BMW Tyre Service ensures that tyres, wheels and chassis components are perfectly tuned to each other. Our BMW service specialists recommend the optimum tyres for your vehicle with BMW Star marking. Only these tyres match the strict BMW quality standards.

It goes without saying that the BMW Tyre Service includes professional tyre changes, as well as testing and maintenance. Whether you are looking for a spare tyre or new wheel and tyre sets, the commitment to first-class products and advice by BMW Tyre Service will impress you every time.

• Wheel mounting
• Tyre change
• Maintenance
• Cleaning and maintenance
• Testing
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BMW Oil Service.

The BMW Oil Service keeps the engine of your vehicle running smoothly. In the BMW Oil Service, we use exclusively engine oils recommended by BMW together with Original BMW Oil Filters.

Services included:

• Professional oil filter replacement
• Replacement of the engine oil
• Environmentally sound disposal of the used oil and the old oil filter
• Reset of the maintenance system
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BMW Brake Service.

Your BMW Authorised BMW Service Centre replaces the front brake discs and pads with Original BMW Components perfectly matched to your vehicle. The optimum interplay between these components guarantees excellent braking performance and maximum safety in every situation.

Services included:
• Removal of the front wheels
• Comprehensive inspection of the braking system incl. the brake hoses
• Professional replacement of the worn components as required (brake discs, brake pads and brake pad sensors)
• Thorough cleaning of the front brakes
• Mounting of the front wheels and check of the braking performance
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Micro filter replacement.

Your BMW Authorised BMW Service Centre will replace the micro filter of your BMW. As a matter of course, here too a high-quality Original BMW Micro Filter is put to use. It cleans the air in the interior of your BMW and offers optimum protection against harmful substances in the air by means of the mechanical/electrostatic filter system. The demonstrably cleaner air has a direct effect on your well-being, allows allergy-sufferers to breathe freely and thus contributes actively to your driving safety.

Our services:
• Professional micro filter replacement
• Environmentally sound disposal
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Replacement of the wiper blades.

Your BMW Authorised BMW Service Centre replaces the wiper blades of your vehicle with high-quality Original BMW Wiper Blades perfectly adapted to the windscreen of your BMW. The exact fit and angle minimise annoying wiper noises and guarantee optimum performance, even at high speeds and in adverse conditions. You enjoy free visibility and maximum driving comfort – even after more than 300 hours of operation.

Services included:
• Professional replacement of the wiper blades
• Environmentally sound disposal of the old wiper blades
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Replacement of the brake fluid.

We want you to be able to concentrate fully on the sheer driving pleasure. However, sometimes this also involves braking. To make sure that the interplay between Original BMW Brake Discs and Pads guarantees maximum safety and excellent braking performances, your BMW Service Partner replaces the brake fluid of your BMW and uses Original BMW Brake Fluid in the process.

Services included:
• Professional brake fluid replacement
• Environmentally sound disposal of the old brake fluid
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